Search Engine Optimisation - Things To Watch Out For

On the How We Can Help With Your SEO page we mentioned black hat and white hat SEO.

If there's one thing you need to watch out for when employing the services of a search engine optimisation company it's making sure that what you are paying them to do isn't actually harming your search engine rank.

It is often possible to deploy dubious methods to boost search engine rankings in the short-term, but this will more often than not be at the expense of long-term results.

The search engines aren't stupid, far from it. If they think your website or search engine optimisation methods are designed to fool them into giving your website a higher ranking than would otherwise be the case, be sure that they will find out and demote your website. In extreme cases they may remove your website from their search engine results completely!

At Commatic we only use search engine friendly SEO. We don't do anything which could harm your search engine ranking just to get quick results.

Speak to us if you are worried about your website ranking or money you are paying to a search engine optimisation company which isn't producing results.